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In the digital age, establishing a professional online presence is important for most organizations. For agencies of all stripes, it is a must. Whether you’re a creative agency, marketing firm, or design studio, a well-crafted website serves as your virtual storefront. However, not everyone can afford a custom website design. Enter free agency website templates.

These templates are not only eye-catching designs but also come equipped with essential features to help you forge a remarkable online identity. Whether you’re a fledgling startup or a seasoned agency, these templates have got you covered.

Why Opt for Free Agency Website Templates?

  • Cost-Efficiency: Crafting a website from scratch can be a costly endeavor. Free templates offer a budget-friendly solution for establishing your online presence without breaking the bank.
  • Time-Efficiency: Building a website from the ground up can be time-intensive. These agency website templates arrive with pre-fabricated designs, saving you precious time.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: In an era where mobile devices reign supreme, these templates are purposefully designed to ensure your website looks stunning on all screen sizes.
  • SEO Friendliness: Many of these templates are optimized for search engines, enhancing your agency’s chances of ranking well in online search results.
  • Customizability: Most free templates are highly adaptable, empowering you to personalize them to align with your agency’s brand and style.

So, let’s choose the perfect free template for your agency.

Crowd - Free Creative Agency and Portfolio HTML CSS Template

Crowd – Free Creative Agency and Portfolio HTML CSS Template

Crowd is a free agency website template by You can use it for a digital agency website, marketing agency website, or any creative portfolio website.

It is a minimal and clean-looking HTML5 website template specially designed to showcase your works and information.

It is packed with beautiful design elements for your website which includes a slideshow, overlay menu, info box, members grid, testimonial slider, posts grid, etc.


Codeo is a free HTML website template developed using the Bootstrap 5 framework. It’s made so that agencies may have a fully responsive, professional, and modern website without having to know a lot of code. You can quickly and effectively build a gorgeous web presence with Codeo that highlights your staff, services, and portfolio. It is an HTML template that is 100% responsive and customizable.

Rentiz – Free Real Estate Bootstrap 5 HTML Website Template

Rentiz – Free Real Estate Agency Website Template

Rentiz is a free Bootstrap 5 website template by TemplatesJungle. This template is a modern, unique, dark, and beautifully designed free template. This template suits residence, property management, real estate, agency, etc.

Rentiz is a free and 100% customizable Bootstrap 5 website template. Use 20+ design elements to create the pages you need on your website.

Archi - Free Architect Portfolio HTML CSS Website Template

Archi – Free Architect Firm Template

It is a free architecture HTML template for any architecture firm, architecture agency, or freelance architect.

This free architecture agency template includes all the elements you need to build a complete website for any architecture firms. It includes portfolio tabs, a slideshow, a testimonial slider, a newsletter sign-up form, a contact form, a blog section, etc. It has seven different pages including a one page version of the template.

Creatify - Free HTML Template for Digital Marketing Website

Creatify – Free HTML Template for Digital Marketing Agency

Creatify is a free onepage HTML template for digital marketing agency websites by TemplatesJungle. It best suits any design company, marketing agency, media company, digital marketer, or any small business website.

You are free to use this HTML template in your personal or commercial project as long as you don’t remove our credit link in the footer. To develop this template, we have done a lot of research in best agency website templates.


The Strategy single-page free theme has been meticulously designed to offer a user-friendly experience. At the heart of this template lies the hero section, which immediately captures the attention of visitors. It accomplishes this through an engaging combination of smooth scrolling and a dynamic typing animation within the header.

One standout feature of the hero section is the presence of a pop-up video player, adding an interactive element to the page. For those looking to establish a connection, the theme incorporates a user-friendly contact form UI. Moreover, a newsletter subscription form UI is provided for those seeking to stay updated with the latest information.

Additionally, the theme features a sticky top navigation menu, complete with a drop-down functionality, enhancing user navigation.


GrowMark represents a cutting-edge digital marketing website template, perfectly crafted with the latest technologies such as Bootstrap 5, HTML5, and CSS3. This template stands out thanks to its clean and well-structured codebase, which not only ensures a smooth user experience but also contributes to higher search engine rankings. Developers will appreciate the developer-friendly code, designed for ease of customization to meet specific requirements without complications.

The careful placement of components ensures an interactive and user-centric layout, making it effortless for users to navigate and engage with the content.

Growing – Free Bootstrap 4 Venture Capitalist Agency Landing Page Template

“Growing” is a no-cost landing page template that leverages contemporary frameworks, including Bootstrap 4, HTML5, and CSS3, to cater to the needs of venture agency websites. This versatile multipage template has been meticulously engineered for both optimal page-speed performance and SEO, ensuring that your project enjoys a competitive edge in search engine rankings.

One of the standout features of this template is its responsiveness. Thanks to the utilization of Bootstrap grids, the template seamlessly adapts to any device and screen size, guaranteeing a consistent and appealing user experience on all platforms. Additionally, its cross-browser compatibility ensures that the website performs flawlessly across various web browsers, maintaining its integrity and functionality without any hiccups.

VillaAgency – Free Bootstrap 5 Business Website Template

VillaAgency presents an exceptional free agency website template that effortlessly adapts to various devices, regardless of their screen size. This landing page template has been carefully crafted with interactivity as a core principle, ensuring a seamless user experience with meticulously positioned UI components.

VillaAgency’s codebase is clean and well-commented, facilitating developer-friendliness and straightforward customization. Fewer cross-browser issues mean that the template maintains compatibility across all major web browsers, eliminating concerns about layout inconsistencies while working with this versatile multipage template.

Birdor – Free Bootstrap 4 Creative Agency Website Template

Birdor offers a stunning and free website template tailored for design and creative agencies. This template is a visual masterpiece, thoughtfully designed with an eye-catching color scheme. Its multi-purpose nature ensures it can cater to a variety of creative projects, making it a versatile choice.

Furthermore, Birdor incorporates a range of call-to-action buttons, each enhanced with on-hover effects to drive user engagement. A user-friendly contact form UI, complete with geolocation features, and communication with visitors. The template also features elements like breadcrumbs and pagination UI for improved user navigation.

A-World – Free Bootstrap 5 Travel Agency Website Template

Introducing A-world, a free website template tailor-made for travel agencies. This contemporary template harnesses the power of cutting-edge technologies, incorporating Bootstrap 5, HTML5, and CSS3 to create a visually appealing and highly functional multi-page design.

At its core, this free agency template has a striking hero section complete with a captivating hero header, an eye-catching hero image, and dynamic header carousels. The inclusion of a sticky top navigation bar enhances user navigation, while a fun fact counter and a well-designed pricing menu add to its appeal.

Heado – Web Agency Web Development template

If you’re eager to establish a strong online presence, then considering the expertise of a web agency is a smart move. One effective way to do this is by utilizing a web development template provided by a reputable agency. By choosing a web development template from a trusted agency, you can be confident that your website will exude a professional and polished appearance.

‘Heado’ is built to be 100% responsive and cross-browser compatible, ensuring that your website will perform seamlessly on various devices and web browsers. Its clean and well-commented codebase not only promotes efficient performance but also enhances search engine ranking, providing a solid foundation for your website’s growth.

Tale – Free Bootstrap 5 SEO Agency Website Template

Introducing Tale, a complimentary free website template specifically for SEO agencies. This cutting-edge template harnesses the power of the latest technologies, including Bootstrap 5, HTML5, and CSS3. Tailored to meet the needs of digital marketing agencies, it offers a design that’s not only easy to customize but also boasts a flexible layout, making it an excellent choice.

Its optimized design prioritizes user-friendliness, with a well-structured layout that ensures seamless navigation. Moreover, Tale is cross-browser compatible, offering the flexibility to utilize its UI components across different web browsers as needed.


If you’re in search of a website template to kickstart your travel agency business, your quest has led you to the right place! We’ve created a remarkable freebie that’s tailor-made for your next travel agency website project. Allow us to introduce “Tour,” a free Bootstrap template specifically designed for travel agency websites. This template is expertly crafted to assist you in showcasing your exceptional services and expanding your online presence, all while presenting a professional and minimalist design.

Sterial — Free Bootstrap 5 Template for Travel Agency Websites

Meet Sterial, a straightforward and contemporary free Bootstrap 5 template perfectly suited for businesses and agencies. This complimentary template serves as a versatile platform for sharing general information about city attractions, facilitating ticket purchases, managing tours, connecting with tour guides, booking hotels, and arranging transfers for travelers. Don’t hesitate to reach out to a dependable web agency and explore the benefits they can offer.

Fotogency – Free Bootstrap 5 Photography Agency Website Template

Fotogency, an in-house template, is available completely free of charge. The Fotogency responsive template boasts a plethora of effective features, ranging from its minimalist design to its tastefully selected typography. However, what truly sets Fotogency apart is its elegant typography and carefully curated color palette, contributing to its unique and stylish appeal.

DGcom – Web Design Agency HTML Template

Now is the perfect moment to embark on the journey of creating something truly exceptional with DGcom – a free web design agency HTML template meticulously crafted for a wide range of creative endeavors. This template is ideally suited for creative agencies, design firms, startups, SEO agencies, graphic design studios, web development agencies, online marketing firms, SEO service providers, content marketing agencies, and anyone looking to exhibit their creative projects in a contemporary and one-of-a-kind fashion.

SEO Master – SEO Agency Website Template

Constructing an agency website from scratch can be a hard task. However, with SEO Master, a complimentary SEO agency HTML template, the process becomes a breeze. Whether you wish to build a multi-page or one-page SEO agency website, this template streamlines the entire procedure with utmost ease. Built using HTML5, CSS3, and the Bootstrap v5 framework, it provides a well-commented and developer-friendly coding structure. This facilitates the creation of a compelling agency website without the need for extensive coding knowledge.

Jadoo – Free Bootstrap 5 HTMl5 Travel Agency Website Template

Introducing Jadoo, a free website template designed for travel agencies, which excels in both interactivity and user-friendliness. 

The template’s range of features is truly impressive, and it even accommodates video content in the hero header section. This provides an ideal platform to showcase package holidays and the services you offer, making it an invaluable asset for your travel agency website.

DGital – Free Responsive Bootstrap 5 Creative Agency Template

Dgital, is a free website template tailor-made for digital marketing agencies, including digital startups, SEO agencies, creative firms, travel agencies, and related enterprises. This free template is meticulously crafted using the industry-standard framework, Bootstrap 5, in addition to HTML5 and CSS3. With its striking blue and white design scheme, attention-grabbing hover effects, and an array of essential functions, this template is the perfect choice for swiftly creating a website for your creative agency. 

Desi – Free Bootstrap 5 HTML5 Creative Agency Website Template

Desi is a straightforward website template designed for creative agencies, and it’s constructed using Bootstrap 5. This template is a valuable asset for crafting an impressive online showcase of your services and projects. This highly flexible and well-optimized template empowers your creative agency to captivate your audience effectively.


Introducing a minimalistic one-page Bootstrap portfolio theme, designed to flawlessly showcase your agency or small business.


Meet Clickr, a vibrant and free Bootstrap 5 template. This template is constructed with a combination of HTML and CSS and driven by a Gulp-based workflow, It is an impeccable fit for creating a digital agency online platform.

Seo Dream Template

SEO Dream is a cutting-edge digital marketing HTML and CSS template, built upon Bootstrap 5. This one-page HTML5 layout is enriched with animated page elements and features captivating vector graphic images. The design of this template revolves around refreshing turquoise blue and cool blue color gradients, creating a visually appealing and active theme.

Quickloud – Free Bootstrap 4 HTML5 Template

Quickloud is a remarkable free Bootstrap HTML5 template for agency websites. It’s an exceptional and contemporary design specifically crafted for hosting agency websites. The template features a captivating full-screen slider in the header, ensuring an eye-catching and memorable visual experience. It’s also optimized for compatibility with all major web browsers, guaranteeing a consistently excellent user experience.

Grunt – Free Bootstrap 4 HTML5 Template

Grunt is a complimentary Bootstrap 4 HTML5 template thoughtfully for a range of purposes, including corporate agencies, small businesses, creative agencies, and freelancers. This one-page creative theme exudes elegance and boasts a clean, minimalist, and aesthetically pleasing design.

Diffuso – Free HTML5 Bootstrap Web Design Agency Website Template

Diffuso is a perfect free template. It is fully responsive, ensuring outstanding performance on a wide range of devices. It is also optimized for compatibility with most browsers, ensuring that it delivers an exceptional user experience consistently. From small handheld devices to large desktop screens, Diffuso displays flawlessly across all devices, making it a versatile choice for your agency’s web presence.

Cyption – Free Bootstrap 4 HTML5 Agency Website Template

This template is not only versatile but also highly adaptable, ensuring optimal performance across various devices. Cyption is fully responsive, guaranteeing a seamless user experience whether accessed on a desktop computer, tablet, or mobile device. Additionally, it’s cross-browser compatible, ensuring that it performs consistently well across different web browsers.

ConstructionCompany – Free Bootstrap 4 HTML5 Responsive Agency Website Template

ConstructionCompany is beautifully designed and developed to be 100% responsive, delivering an optimal user experience on a wide array of devices, from desktop computers to mobile devices. It’s the ideal choice for creating a compelling online presence for your construction, architecture, or engineering business.

TalentTalk – Web Agency website template

If you’re in search of a modern and stylish website for your Web Agency business, your search ends here! The Web Agency website template is your solution, offering a professional and sophisticated website in mere minutes. Using a website template provides the advantage of saving time and money, all while granting you a wide range of customization options to give your website a unique and personal touch.

Triship – Travel Agency HTML Template

Triship – Travel Agency Website Template is a versatile booking template suitable for various purposes. It is an excellent option for websites related to ship travel, hotels, resorts, tours, car rentals, and more.

Melon – Web Agency HTML Template

Melon, the Free Web Agency HTML Template, is expertly designed to cater to companies offering a wide range of services. These services encompass UI/UX design, branding, SEO & SMM, digital marketing, IT services, development services, portfolio showcasing, and various other internet marketing and related services. It is the ideal choice for businesses in these fields, providing a platform to represent their services effectively.

Ntechnology – Web Agency HTML Template

Ntechnology – the Free Web Agency HTML Template, is a well-suited template designed for companies offering a wide range of services. It is a versatile choice for agencies, providing an ideal place to get more sales.

Designal – Design Agency HTML Template

Designal, the Free Design Agency HTML5 Template, is a highly responsive and flexible business HTML5 template that’s powered by Bootstrap. This template is an excellent choice for agency websites, personal portfolios, corporate websites, and various business-related web projects.

Esigned – Simple Web Agency Website Template

Esigned is a clean, creative, and modern Web Agency HTML Template, available for free. It is an ideal choice for web design and development companies looking for a simple yet stylish template to represent their services.

Hightech – Free Web Agency Creative Website Template

Hightech – a Free Web Agency Creative Website Template – is a fully responsive, clean, minimalistic, and modern multi-purpose template designed for the web design industry, web agencies, web developers, and freelancers. It features well-structured and easily customizable code, making it an excellent choice for creating a functional website.

Impact Free Bootstrap 5 template for Agency and Startups

Whether you’re in the process of building a website for your startup agency or planning to revamp your existing site, the opportunity to acquire a free Bootstrap 5 template designed for agencies is not one to be missed. Thankfully, we’ve developed an exceptional Bootstrap 5 template tailor-made for startups, agencies, or Saas companies. Let’s introduce you to Impact – the template that’s bound to make a significant impact in your industry.

Medio – Web Design Agency Template Free Download

Elevate your web design agency’s online presence best offering – the free Bootstrap 5 template named Medio. Although it’s an excellent choice for a web design agency or digital marketing company, you can effortlessly customize it to suit your specific needs. Medio boasts a clean, minimal, and professionally designed layout that’s guaranteed to enhance your online credibility.

With this agency template, you can maximize your online visibility without compromising the aesthetics and functionality of your website. Medio’s seamless animations, parallax effects, pop-up video integration, and various other features enable you to effectively enhance your brand’s online presence and message delivery.

Cloud Agency Bootstrap Template

This is a complimentary corporate and agency Bootstrap template built on Bootstrap 3.3.5, ideal for creating professional and agency websites.

Digital Agency

Digital Agency is a creatively designed website template based on the Bootstrap framework. Should you prefer to use a different duotone image, you can easily replace the existing one to better align with your preferences. This freebie is your canvas to craft a unique website for your agency.


With its trendy, modern, and unique style, your website will leave a lasting impression on potential clients. What’s more, Flare is fully responsive for mobile devices and high-definition screens, ensuring that your site looks stunning on any platform.

BizTech Corporate Free-Bootstrap Template

BizTech is a Bootstrap theme, that is available for free, ideally for corporate business websites. This clean and modern HTML5-based template caters to a broad spectrum of businesses, including corporate entities, agencies, marketing firms, consulting services, organizations, and many more. Designed with a commitment to high-quality standards and to meet the latest requirements, BizTech stands out as a responsive template, ensuring it seamlessly adapts to all devices while maintaining compatibility across multiple web browsers.

Super Agency – Agency Website Template for Business and Startups

Super Agency is a professional and contemporary HTML template, tailored for the creation of agencies and startup landing pages. This responsive design website template serves as an excellent platform to showcase your work, services, team, and portfolio projects. Additionally, you have the flexibility to highlight client testimonials and share interesting statistics about your agency. The template will ensure ease of editing, customization, and extension according to your unique needs. It is your perfect choice for building a captivating and functional landing page for your agency or startup.

Agen Bootstrap

This freebie is the perfect agency website template for your next website. This includes many premium-quality features even if it is a free template.

Free HTML5 Theme for Marketing Agency Website Template

Utilize the LeadGEN website template as a rapid launchpad for your marketing agency, SEO agency, or Internet services website. To further enhance the navigation experience for your site visitors, the theme incorporates a sticky navigation panel. This feature empowers your customers to easily access any piece of content they desire with just a single click, ensuring a smooth and efficient browsing experience.