Artist Portfolio Website Templates Free

Hello, welcome to the world of premium quality free artist portfolio website templates. 

Nowadays, artists need more than just a paintbrush or a camera to make their mark. A strong online presence is the canvas on which you can showcase your creativity to the world. But here’s the kicker: custom websites can be expensive, and not every artist has a budget that stretches that far. That’s where our free artist portfolio website templates come to the rescue.

We’ve got your back with the cream of the crop – artist portfolio website templates that are not only free but also of premium quality. These artist portfolio website templates are the perfect avenue to paint your online masterpiece without draining your bank account. Let’s dive into the world of digital creativity and explore these templates that are ready to elevate your artistic journey.

Creating a digital gallery of your artwork has never been this easy. With a range of free website templates at your disposal, you can have your own personalized online showcase in no time. These templates offer a seamless blend of professional design and zero cost, giving you the freedom to express yourself without restrictions.

These great templates are not just collected randomly. You will get the best features in these free templates like SEO optimized, perfectly designed, used best grids, specific for artists, optimized code, and many more. You will get many templates made by TemplatesJungle. We have done a lot of research, and hard work and finally came up with these templates.

Let’s meet your choice now, the artist portfolio website templates that will help you shine in the online art world.

Julia - Free One Page Portfolio HTML Template


Julia, is the minimalist, unique layout template that puts your artwork in the spotlight. It ensures your creations take center stage, grabbing the attention they deserve. With a responsive layout, it’s a solid choice for artists who want a professional and visually stunning online presence. This template is for portfolios and mainly focuses on illustration artists, digital artists, painters, etc.

Carl – Free Bootstrap 5 HTML CSS Website Template for Portfolio


Carl is a versatile and fully customizable Bootstrap 5 free website template, offering a rich array of features to help you craft the perfect artist portfolio website.

With many design elements at your disposal, Carl empowers you to assemble web pages that suit your requirements effortlessly. This single-page website template is a contemporary and immaculate design aesthetic, accentuated by a striking color palette, eye-catching typography, and a responsive twelve-column grid layout. This template offers a collection of unique sections to enhance the visual appeal and functionality of your site, making it an ideal choice for showcasing your portfolio.

Alena - Free Photography Portfolio HTML Template


Alena, a free Portfolio HTML CSS Template crafted by TemplatesJungle, is an ideal choice for designers, programmers, photographers, artists, and freelancers looking to establish a personal online presence.

This HTML template is available for both personal and commercial projects, with the only condition being that you retain the credit link in the footer. It’s clean and well-structured code, adhering to high coding standards, ensuring ease of maintenance and modification to suit your specific needs. Our primary aim in offering these templates is to assist you in your design projects, making the process smoother and more efficient.

Chris - Free Creative Portfolio HTML CSS Template


Calling all creative souls, visionaries, and art aficionados! If you’re an artist looking to showcase your masterpieces in style, this free artist website template is your canvas for the digital world. Whether you wield a paintbrush, a camera, or any artistic medium, Chris has got you covered.

With the elegance of an art gallery and the user-friendliness of your favorite social media platform, Chris is here to make your online presence a work of art in itself. Your artwork deserves a grand stage! This template ensures your creations take center stage, with customizable gallery layouts that make your portfolio pop.

Void Tattoo - Figma Template for Tattoo Artists

Void Tattoo Artist Template

Void Tattoo is a free HTML one-page portfolio website template for tattoo artists by TemplatesJungle. This HTML CSS template is specially designed for a creative portfolio website mainly for tattoo artists, tattoo studios, tattoo-related websites, etc.

Lucas - Free Creative Portfolio HTML Template


Lucas is your canvas to showcase your work with elegance and style. It’s designed to make your images, artwork, and projects pop, all while offering an intuitive user experience. Perfect for artists who want to create an impressive online portfolio that’s as unique as their art.

Johnny - Free Solo Artist HTML Website Template


Johnny is a free HTML Website template for musicians and artists. It is also suitable for YouTubers, cover artists, and Media influencer’s website. It is created and distributed freely by TemplatesJungle.

Ministore ecommerce template
Vibez - Free HTML CSS Template for Musical Group Band


Unleash your imagination with creativity. It’s the ideal choice for artists who crave versatility. With a range of customization options, you can tailor it to your unique style. This free template is a canvas for your creativity to run wild, making sure your website truly reflects your artistic vision.

Mark – Free Bootstrap 4 HTML5 Portfolio Website Template

Introducing “Mark,” your digital companion on the journey to showcasing your creative genius online. This free HTML5 portfolio template, powered by Bootstrap 4, is the perfect choice for artists, photographers, designers, and anyone in the creative realm. It’s here to help you elegantly present your work in the vast realm of the internet.

Jimmy – Free Bootstrap 4 HTML5 Artist Portfolio Website Template

Say hello to “Jimmy,” your new partner in crafting an outstanding artist portfolio. “Jimmy” is a free HTML5 personal portfolio template designed on the formidable Bootstrap 4 framework. Whether you’re a creative professional, freelancer, or simply keen to exhibit your skills and achievements, “Jimmy” is here to empower you to create a dynamic online presence that mirrors your individuality and talents. The template incorporates interactive elements and smooth animations, creating an engaging user experience that leaves a lasting impact.

Art Studio – Free Art Portfolio Website Template

Welcome to the “Art Studio,” your digital canvas for showcasing your creative journey. Whether you’re an artist, photographer, designer, or any creative enthusiast, “Art Studio” is here to help you create a responsive and captivating online portfolio to exhibit your talent and passion. The template incorporates interactive elements and smooth animations to keep your visitors engaged and provide a memorable online experience. Unleash your creative spirit with “Art Studio” and paint your online canvas with your unique artistic journey!

ProMan – Artist Portfolio HTML Template

This free art portfolio HTML template is to meet the needs of artists, painters, photographers, designers, and anyone in the creative realm. It’s a platform to help you elegantly present your artistic vision and accomplishments to the world. The template is compatible with all major web browsers, ensuring consistent and reliable presentation, no matter how visitors access your portfolio.

Steve – Free HTML5 art portfolio template based on Bootstrap 4

Whether you’re a painter, illustrator, photographer, or any kind of visual artist, “Steve” is here to help you showcase your artistic creations with style. It offers a free, professional-grade canvas to present your creations and make a lasting impression on your audience. Create your digital art gallery with “Steve” and let your creativity shine online for the world to see!