Bootstrap calendars have become indispensable tools for web developers, offering seamless integration and a range of customizable options. In the fast-paced realm of web development, creating user-friendly interfaces is paramount. Bootstrap calendars have emerged as versatile solutions, streamlining the integration of dynamic date-related functionalities. Let’s delve into the intricacies of Bootstrap calendars and why they are essential for modern web development.

Advantages of Bootstrap Calendars

Responsive Design

One of the standout features of Bootstrap calendars is their inherent responsiveness. No matter the device, these calendars seamlessly adapt to different screen sizes, ensuring a consistent and visually appealing user experience.

Easy Customization

Developers appreciate the flexibility Bootstrap calendars offer in terms of customization. From adjusting color schemes to modifying event layouts, these calendars provide a canvas for creative expression.

Integration with Other Bootstrap Components

Bootstrap calendars effortlessly integrate with other Bootstrap components, fostering a cohesive and unified design language. This compatibility simplifies the development process and ensures a polished final product. Using these with other Free Bootstrap Templates will save you time, resources, and money.

In this article, we’ll explore the world of useful Bootstrap calendar examples:


The Responsive Fluent plan lives up to its name, incorporating essential components, impacts, and highlights. The designer has focused on using only fundamental visual elements, leaving room for you to work on interactive effects and customization. Texts are presented in larger font sizes for enhanced interaction and readability.

Conventional CSS Classes

The schedule is cleverly divided into two sides, one for schedule dates and the other for displaying the days. Let’s start with a beautifully designed Calendar Template. External data can be seamlessly pulled through AJAX/JSON, and it runs on Bootstrap with conventional CSS classes. A distinctive orange label is used to highlight dates, while double arrows facilitate sliding to the previous and next months. With a bit of customization, events can also be integrated with the dates.

Compatible Calendar

This calendar is structured around four core points: showing the day, month, week, and year, and offering comprehensive assistance to users. It stands out as one of the most significant Bootstrap calendars on the internet, featuring arrows to navigate to previous and upcoming years along with their complete information.

Event Recording

Created by Chris Brosky, this calendar is exceptional for web-based applications, providing a unique feature allowing not only date setup but also event recording based on dates. It’s a preferred choice for efficiently scheduling and recording events.

Along with time

The Bootstrap calendar by Simeria is another notable option, allowing users to easily view the date and time on their website. By default, it displays the current month, but arrow icons make it effortless to explore past and upcoming years. Its simplicity makes it highly beneficial for web-based applications.


Bootstrap calendars allow you to modify date formats to suit your preferences or regional conventions. This customization ensures that the calendar aligns with your target audience’s expectations.


Tailor the calendar’s appearance to match your website’s theme by adjusting color schemes and styles. This level of customization contributes to a seamless integration of the calendar into the overall design.

Oleksandr H

Enhance the functionality of your Bootstrap calendar by incorporating plugins and extensions. These additional features can elevate the user experience and add valuable functionalities to your website.

Event Organizing

Effectively organize events on your calendar by categorizing them and providing clear descriptions. This ensures that users can quickly grasp the nature of each event and plan accordingly.


Get your hands on this free calendar with an image template and captivate your users with a clean date display. The layout is fully mobile-ready, seamlessly adapting to various screen sizes.


If you’re looking to break away from the norm, consider this free vertical calendar template. It positions the current day vertically on the side, providing a unique touch.

Mobile Responsive

This sleek and free pop-up calendar template utilizes Bootstrap, ensuring mobile responsiveness. Easily embed it into your web application to offer users a convenient date picker.

With details/events

Discover an impressive free calendar template that showcases days on one side and details/events on the other. It provides a comprehensive overview of each day, highlighting activities scheduled for a particular date.


Enhance user experience with this free 2-month calendar template, perfect for your website or application. Its responsiveness ensures smooth operation on all devices.

Option to add events

Display calendars and events effortlessly with this free Bootstrap template, seamlessly integrating with various projects and applications. It even includes an option to add events.


Experience a modern and free advanced calendar template with an inline layout, results, and date range functions. Whether for bookings, rentals, or other purposes, this snippet adapts flawlessly to your needs.

User Friendly

8 Rather than creating a date picker from scratch, utilize our free calendar range picker template. The tool is user-friendly and quickly adapts to different projects and businesses you’re working on.

Convenient and mobile-friendly

Grab this convenient, mobile-friendly, and free date range picker template suitable for various purposes. What’s noteworthy about this free snippet is its compatibility with both mouse cursor and keyboard inputs.

Full Screen

Explore a user-friendly free full-screen calendar template, perfect for all types of events, including personal notes. With its clean and simplistic look, the content distribution is visually appealing.


Here’s an easy-to-use free event calendar template suitable for a variety of projects and websites. The design is clean and minimal, featuring a fully responsive structure that operates seamlessly on both mobile and desktop devices.


Ditch the traditional look and opt for this free grid calendar template based on Bootstrap. It presents the year, month, and day in one row, with yesterday’s date above and tomorrow’s below.


In conclusion, Bootstrap calendars offer a dynamic and customizable solution for web developers seeking to enhance their websites with interactive date-related functionalities. From easy integration to extensive customization options, Bootstrap calendars cater to the diverse needs of modern web development.