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In the world of interior design, where aesthetics and functionality do the tango, having an online presence is like having a front-row seat to the design party. Imagine your website as the snazzy outfit that showcases your flair and attracts all the cool clients. The good news: you don’t have to break the bank for it. We have collected a top-class of free interior design website templates to make it easier to create your online identity.

These free interior design website templates not only captivate with their visual allure but are also endowed with features that can elevate your website to new heights. Let’s plunge into the realm of design possibilities and unravel how these templates can serve as the perfect canvas for your interior design aspirations.

Creating an online space that resonates with your design philosophy entails more than just a visually pleasing layout. It requires a seamless amalgamation of creativity, functionality, and user engagement. The meticulously chosen selection of free interior design website templates showcased here surpasses the ordinary, offering a blend of contemporary design trends and user-friendly features.

As we zoom in on each template, you’ll notice they’re not just digital frameworks – they’re like secret passages to an online wonderland. Whether you’re a seasoned designer giving your website a facelift or a newbie ready for a grand entrance, consider these free templates your digital design sparkler.

Exploring the Charm: Free Interior Design Website Templates for a Stylish Online Makeover

Jesse - Free HTML CSS Website Template for Interior Designers Portfolio

Jesse – Free Interior Designer Portfolio HTML Website Template

Jesse is a beautifully designed portfolio template for interior designers. And, you can download it for free for personal and commercial use. This awesome free HTML CSS website template is created by TemplatesJungle.

It has a clean and minimal look which makes it an obvious choice for showcasing your designs and artwork. Although it is specially designed for interior designers, it is also suitable for portfolio websites in other creative fields.

Archi - Free Architect Portfolio HTML CSS Website Template

Archi – Free Architect Portfolio HTML CSS Template

It is a free architecture portfolio HTML template for any architecture firm, architecture agency, or freelance architect.

This free architecture portfolio template includes all the elements you need to build a complete website for any architecture portfolio. It includes portfolio tabs, a slideshow, a testimonial slider, a newsletter sign-up form, a contact form, a blog section, etc. It has seven different pages including a one-page version of the template.

The code is consistent and can be easily maintained as we have followed a good coding standard. We want everyone to easily understand it and modify it according to their requirement. The main goal of providing these templates is to help you with your design project.

Vaso - Decor eCommerce Website Figma Template

Vaso – Interior Decor Free Bootstrap 5 eCommerce Website Template

Vaso is a free website template for any interior decor store by TemplatesJungle. It is suitable for any eCommerce store, online shopping website, shopping mart website, online shopping cart, mobile store, clothing store, fashion store, t-shirt store, interior decor, vases store, room decor eCommerce store, etc.

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Inodino – Interior Design Website Template

Experience the essence of interior design excellence with the Inodino template from HTML Design. This website template combines functionality with aesthetics, providing a seamless platform for showcasing your interior design projects. Download this template and elevate your online presence, giving your audience a glimpse into your creativity and expertise in the world of interior design.


Shape your online presence with Shapel, a free CSS template from Free CSS. This template offers a unique and modern design, providing a fresh look to your website. It’s not just visually appealing but also responsive, ensuring a smooth experience across various devices. Make a bold statement with Shapel, a template that combines style and functionality seamlessly.


Redesign your online identity with the Interior Design Free CSS Template from Free CSS. This template provides a clean and sophisticated look, ideal for interior designers looking to showcase their projects elegantly. With a responsive design, this template ensures your website looks impeccable on any device. Explore the possibilities of a revamped online presence with the Interior Design Free CSS Template.

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Revitalize your online platform with Basco, a free CSS template from Free CSS. This template offers a modern and stylish design, perfect for giving your website a contemporary touch. Basco’s responsive layout ensures a seamless experience on both desktop and mobile devices. Elevate your online presence with Basco, where aesthetics and functionality converge effortlessly.

NEST – Free Interior Designer CSS Template

Create a cozy online space for your interior design services with Nest, a free CSS template from Free CSS. This template provides a warm and inviting design, reflecting the essence of interior design. Nest is responsive, ensuring that your website looks appealing on various devices. Bring your design ideas to life with Nest, a template that combines comfort and style seamlessly.

Contra – Interior Design HTML Website Template

Step into the world of Contra, an HTML template tailored for interior, architecture, and construction services. With a unique and captivating design, Contra adapts flawlessly to all major devices, providing a 100% responsive experience. This template includes essential features like service details, project showcases, blogs, and a store, making it an ideal choice for establishing a compelling online presence. Elevate your company website with Contra’s modern and functional design.

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Interia – Interior Design Agency Free Modern HTML Landing Page Template

Transform your online presence with Interia, a free HTML landing page template designed for interior design agencies. This template offers a perfect blend of modern aesthetics and functionality, making it suitable for both design agencies and remodeling studios. The Interia HTML template is not only visually appealing but also comes with free demos, allowing you to explore its features before making a decision. Take the first step towards a stunning website with Interia.

Free HTML5 Theme for Interior Site Website Template

In the competitive landscape of interior design, having a compelling website is crucial. Enter Quartex, a free HTML template designed to meet the needs of interior companies. This responsive template ensures a seamless experience on all devices, showcasing your services and products effectively. With a modern and clean design, Quartex allows you to highlight essential information and products, making it a valuable asset for your business. Download Quartex now and take the leap towards a standout interior design website.

iDESIGN – Interior Design HTML Template

Embark on a journey to enhance your interior business with iDESIGN, the best free interior design HTML template. Crafted for interior and exterior design services, this template provides a professional and visually appealing online platform. Download iDESIGN and establish your business website, tapping into the immense potential of attracting clients in the modern world. Elevate your interior design services with the power of a dedicated website.

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Interior Hub Free Website Template

Whether you’re an individual interior designer or a part of an organization, take control of your online presence with Interior Hub. This sleek and stylish free website template offers a vast display layout, catering to house design, building design, office design, construction, and more. Its features, including silky-shiny aesthetics, eye-catching sliding banners, and responsive design, provide a canvas to captivate your audience. With a well-considered layout, Interior Hub ensures simplicity while grabbing everyone’s attention.

Staging – Free Responsive Bootstrap 4 HTML5 Interior Design Website Template

Set the stage for your interior design agency’s online presence with Staging, a free Bootstrap template. This attractive web tool caters to architecture and home decoration companies, offering a fully responsive and retina screen-optimized experience. Staging’s flexibility surpasses imagination, making it an awesome choice for a free interior decoration website template. Elevate your agency’s visibility with Staging’s modern and dynamic design.

Klift – Free Bootstrap 4 HTML5 Interior Design Agency Website Template

Organize and showcase your interior design agency’s prowess with Klift, a well-organized free Bootstrap template. This template boasts fantastic features and impactful design elements, ensuring a fabulous online presence. Klift is 100% responsive, highly optimized, and smoothly runs on various browsers. With HTML5 and CSS3 as its building blocks, Klift provides a set of finely structured code for easy customization. Explore the potential of Klift and establish a compelling online presence for your interior design agency.

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TheInterior – Free Bootstrap 4 HTML5 Interior Design Website Template

Discover TheInterior, a free Bootstrap template designed for interior design websites. This professional and sophisticated web canvas for home decor is ready to go right off the bat with fully responsive layouts. TheInterior’s beautiful and eye-catching design looks flawless on every device, providing a seamless user experience. Save time and avoid starting from scratch by choosing TheInterior for a stunning and efficient interior design website.

Delux Interior – Free Bootstrap 4 HTML5 Agency Website Template

Add a touch of luxury to your online presence with Delux Interior, a free Bootstrap 4 HTML5 agency website template. Tailored for interior designing agencies, architecture firms, and interior designer portfolios, Delux Interior is fully responsive and cross-browser optimized. This ensures a stunning and pixel-perfect display on every device, regardless of screen size. Elevate your agency’s image with the sleek design and functionality of Delux Interior.

Harbor – Free Bootstrap 4 HTML5 Interior Design Portfolio Website Template

Navigate the waters of an online portfolio showcasing Harbor, a free Bootstrap 4 HTML5 interior design portfolio website template. This high-performing theme caters to interior designing agencies, architecture firms, corporate agencies, and similar organizations. Designed with elegance and simplicity, Harbor presents your portfolio with sophistication. Explore the seamless blend of style and functionality with Harbor, making it an ideal choice for your interior design portfolio website.

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Ideal – Free Bootstrap 4 HTML5 Interior Design Agency Website Template

Strive for perfection with Ideal, a free Bootstrap 4 HTML5 interior design agency website template. Minimal, clean, and modern, Ideal is designed for organizations like design agencies, creative agencies, and architect agencies. This fully responsive template is optimized for all the latest browsers, ensuring flawless display on all devices. Ideal seamlessly adapts to various screen sizes, offering a captivating online experience for your visitors.

Marga – Free Bootstrap 4 HTML5 Responsive Interior Design Agency Website Template

Marga, a free Bootstrap 4 HTML5 responsive interior design agency website template, is the ideal showcase for your architectural projects. Tailored for architecture agencies, interior design studios, or portfolios, Marga features a meticulous design with a clean, simple, and minimal look. The template’s responsiveness ensures flawless display on any device, regardless of screen size. Showcase your projects in style with Marga and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Heaven – Free Bootstrap 4 HTML5 Interior Designing Website Template

Create a heavenly online presence with Heaven, a free Bootstrap 4 HTML5 interior designing website template. Boasting a beautiful design with a smart and minimal look, Heaven caters to architects, interior design agencies, and related organizations. Thanks to its responsive layouts, Heaven seamlessly fits into every screen, providing an optimal viewing experience. Choose Heaven to transform your online identity into a visually appealing and user-friendly showcase.

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Interior – Free HTML5 Bootstrap 4 Interior Designing Agency Website Template

Unveil your interior designing agency’s potential with Interior, a free HTML5 Bootstrap 4 website template. Fully responsive and optimized for major browsers, Interior adapts flawlessly to all screens, from mobile to desktop. Tailored for small agencies, startups, creative agencies, and digital agencies, Interior provides a clean and modern design. Elevate your agency’s online presence with the seamless blend of style and functionality that Interior offers.

Loaft – Free HTML5 Bootstrap 4 Interior Designing Agency Website Template

Breathe life into your online presence with Loaft, a free HTML5 Bootstrap 4 interior design agency website template. Ideal for creative and design agencies, startups, and small businesses, Loaft comes with cutting-edge features. These include off-canvas sidebar navigation, on-hover effects, portfolio grid, image modal view, fun fact counters, and more. Loaft provides a visually engaging and feature-rich platform for showcasing your interior design projects.

Woodrox – Free Bootstrap 4 HTML5 interior design agency website template

Craft a clean and minimal online presence with Woodrox, a free Bootstrap 4 HTML5 interior design agency website template. Responsive and easy to customize, Woodrox features a multi-page layout that accommodates your design agency’s diverse content. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a newcomer, Woodrox’s flexible codes make customization a breeze. Elevate your interior design agency’s online platform with the simplicity and elegance of Woodrox.

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Balay – Free Interior Design Portfolio Template

Build an amazing interior design website with the creative layout of Balay, a free portfolio template. Notable features include a left-side navigation panel and a uniquely designed slider on the homepage. Engage users with captivating animations on different sections, creating a visually appealing experience. Balay also incorporates parallax effects, fun fact counters, and a clean structure that adds to its overall attractiveness. Choose Balay for a free Bootstrap template that effortlessly blends functionality with visual appeal.

Interior – Free HTML5 Interior Design Website Template

Introduce your interior design company to the world with Interior, an exemplary free website template. Packed with modern features, Interior offers a classy and cost-effective solution to enhance your online presence. With no cost involved, this template provides a ton of cool features, making it an attractive addition to your cart. Explore the possibilities of a better outcome with minimal effort using the sleek and feature-rich Interior template.