How to Extract Text from Business Templates Online for Free

Businesses often need to produce multiple documents to serve different needs. These documents can be business plans, financial reports, roadmaps, or anything associated with the operations of a business.

However, writing and producing such documents manually is a tough job. The easiest and quickest way is to find and use a relevant business template online. Users can easily customize it according to their needs.

Since most business templates are paid, you can’t use or download them unless you pay a certain amount. But there’s a way through which you can extract text from such templates and make them editable for smooth customization without spending anything. It involves using an OCR converter.

In this blog post, we will answer the query ‘’how to extract text from a business template online for free’’ in a detailed way to remove any doubts you may have.

Before we discuss the topic, it’s important to know how these tools work.

How Does an OCR Converter Work? Is it Worth It?

OCR converters use Optical Character Recognition technology along with pattern-matching algorithms to locate and extract the required text from digital scans. These tools offer accurate results every single time. So, it’s safe to turn to these tools for all your image-to-text conversion needs.

The Easy Way to Extract Text from Business Templates Online for Free

An OCR converter or image-to-text extractor is the only viable way to extract text from digital scans such as images or PDFs. Fortunately, these tools are usually free and don’t come with any required account creations or signups.

You can use these tools to extract text from business templates for free, which are usually presented in PDFs and digital images. You can take a screenshot of the business template you want to use and upload it to the tool to get editable text.

Steps to Extracting Text from a Business Template Online

  • Choose any OCR converter online
  • Take a screenshot of the desired business template and save it on your device
  • Upload it to the tool
  • Hit ‘’Extract’’ button
  • The tool will automatically start extracting the text, and soon you’ll have the extracted text ready to be copied

It is that easy and simple. Anyone even with little tech knowledge can extract text from business templates for free by following the above steps.

Let’s explain this through a real-time example involving the use of an OCR converter. We’ll use any random image to text converter to see if it can deliver exactly what it claims.

Let’s insert the following screenshot of ‘’on-page business template’’ into the tool:

One page business template

Tools’ Output:

Image to text converter

As you can see in the above picture, the tool efficiently extracts the text from the above business template in no time. This is how you can extract text from any business template found online without paying anything.


We have explained how one can extract text from business templates online for free. All you need is to take a screenshot of the template you want to take editable text from, and then upload it to an OCR converter. The tool will provide you with extracted text in no time.