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In the vast world of the internet, making your mark in agriculture shouldn’t mean breaking the bank. That’s where our team of friendly designers, developers, and SEO experts comes in. We’ve done the digging to bring you a bunch of the best free agriculture website templates, perfectly made and developed for your farm or agribusiness.

Why Pick These Free Agriculture Website Templates?

Our team worked hard to find these gems on the internet. It wasn’t easy, but we did it to make your journey online easy, affordable, and good-looking.

These free templates include a lot of features that make a difference.

  • Works on All Devices: These templates don’t just look good—they also fit perfectly on any screen, be it a computer, tablet, or phone.
  • Built on Bootstrap: Think of it as a strong base for your website. Many templates are made on something called Bootstrap, making your site stable and easy to change.
  • Clean Code: No messy stuff here. The code behind these templates is clean, making sure your website runs smoothly.
  • Easy to Use: You don’t need to be a computer genius. These free website templates are made so anyone can use them, even if you’re not a tech whiz.
  • Make It Yours: Change things up to match your farm’s style. These free agriculture templates let you do that easily, so your farm can shine online.

Ready to take your farm online? These free agriculture website templates aren’t just a bunch of choices—they’re the result of lots of thinking from our experts. Plant the seeds of success online and watch your agriculture business grow with our free agriculture website templates. It’s time to make your agriculture stuff look great on the internet and see your online presence blossom!

PlantLover - Free Bootstrap 5 HTML Website Template

PlantLover – Free Landscaping and Gardening Bootstrap Website Template

PlantLover is a landscaping and gardening free website template by TemplatesJungle. It is also suitable for any gardening services, landscaping services, eCommerce store, online shopping website, agriculture, plant shop, shopping mart website, online shopping cart, etc.

Plantly - Plant Shop Figma Template

Plantly – Free Agriculture Website Template

Plantly is a free plant-selling agriculture website template by TemplatesJungle. It is suitable for any eCommerce store, online shopping website, plant store, nursery, florist, mini store, agriculture products selling, etc.

Free Starbis Multipurpose HTML Website Template

Making your online journey has never been more cost-effective with the Starbis Multipurpose HTML Website Template. A business’s success is often gauged by its online presence. While professional web development services are a common choice, they can strain your budget. Enter the Starbis template – a responsive and corporate-style free website template that checks all the boxes. This template is not just about saving money; it’s a user-friendly solution that doesn’t demand extensive web development knowledge. With this template, establishing your initial agriculture business becomes a swift and straightforward process.

Harvest – Responsive Agriculture Website Template for Free

For those in the agricultural domain, this free template offers a high-quality HTML design without a price tag. A Bootstrap framework, editable and responsive layout, clean code, and a user-friendly structure, this template simplifies the website creation process. Whether you’re into garden farms, organic produce, or grain crops, the Harvest template emphasizes your brand’s uniqueness, customer focus, and reliability.

AGRC – Free Fruit Responsive Website Template

Cultivate your online presence with the AGRC. This free template is for fruit garden owners, agriculture owners, frozen fruit suppliers, and fruit and berries farms, this HTML design is a Bootstrap-powered gem. Offering easy customization, a responsive layout, and clean code, the AGRC template allows you to highlight your brand’s uniqueness effortlessly. Provide top-notch services with a perfect design that speaks to your audience.

AGRO – Free Agriculture Responsive Website Template

Plant the seeds of success with the AGRO Free Farm Responsive Website Template. Crafted for farmers, grain-growers, and fertilizer manufacturers, this template, with its Bootstrap framework and responsive layout, streamlines your website creation journey. Accentuate your brand’s uniqueness, customer focus, and reliability effortlessly. For a perfect design that resonates with farmers, grain-growers, and fertilizer manufacturers, AGRO has you covered.

Free Gardening Responsive Website Template

For those with green thumbs, this free website template is a top-tier choice. Whether you’re a gardener, agriculture owner, vegetable grower, or plant expert, this HTML design, with its Bootstrap framework and responsive layout, ensures a straightforward website creation process. Emphasize your brand’s uniqueness, customer focus, and reliability effortlessly. Deliver the best services with a design made for gardeners, farmers, vegetable growers, and plant experts.

Agrox – Agricultural Company Web Template

Featuring a nice jQuery slider, this free template is perfect for agricultural companies. The package includes all PSD graphic sources for easy customization, allowing it to adapt seamlessly to various businesses beyond agriculture.

AgroEco – Free Flash Animated Agricultural Website Template

Step into the world of visually effective templates with this great agricultural website template. Ideal for experimentation before committing to a design, this Flash template is easy to edit and modify, even for those with basic Flash skills. Note that it’s for educational purposes only and cannot be resold or used for commercial projects.

Free Website Template – Agriculture Website Template

Professional designers recommend this beautiful website template for agriculture businesses. Combining an effective layout with high-grade execution and functionality, this stylish design is poised to turn your visitors into clients effortlessly.

Free Website Template for Agriculture Site Website Template

Green is the color of health and natural products, and this design incorporates it in a contrasting mix with black for effective presentation. Perfect for agriculture designs, it’s easily customizable to suit various sites. Well-coded, visually attractive, user-friendly, and completely free – it’s a hassle-free solution for creating your agriculture website.

Organic Agriculture Free HTML5 Website Template

Create a trendy website with this clean and clear design – the Organic Agriculture Free HTML5 Website Template. With two jQuery sliders, it’s a ready-made foundation for any agriculture site, especially those focused on organic food. For customization beyond agriculture, the .psd source files are included.

Harvest Life Bootstrap Responsive Website Template Free Download

Harvest Life is the go-to template for agriculture-themed websites. Whether you’re into gardening, fresh food, fruits, vegetables, or organic foods, this smart and elegant template has you covered. Boasting features like a banner slider, a mesmerizing parallax effect, and a clean design, it’s 100% responsive and built on Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, and JQuery. Make it yours now and share it with the world!

Germinate – An Agriculture Bootstrap Responsive Web Template

Germinate, an agriculture-themed multipurpose template, is your best bet for boosting profits and expanding your online business. Ideal for agro tourism, farming, food stores, and more, this creatively designed template features eye-catching hover effects, a carousel slider, colorful sliding progress bars, and a clean, sleek design. It’s 100% responsive and built on Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, and JQuery.

Vege – Fresh Vegetable Shop Template

Ever dreamt of starting your own fresh vegetable shop? Now’s your chance with the Vege Fresh Vegetable Shop Template. This template is perfect for agriculture. This template creates the perfect set up to showcase your delicious and nutritious produce. Its bright and colorful design makes visitors feel like they’re strolling through a vibrant market. Easy to use and customize, add your own photos, descriptions, and recipes to inspire your customers to cook up something tasty.

Xofram – Agriculture Farm HTML Template

Xofram agriculture template is designed for online presence and offers all the necessary information to your customers. Suitable for healthy food blogs, agriculture, fruits and vegetables, dairy and cheese farms, eco solutions, and organic food products, this template provides a clean and modern look to your website.

Agropro – Agriculture farm Website Template

Agropro is specially crafted for agriculture fields, agriculture owners, eco-solutions, and organic food products. With a modern design and the latest Bootstrap framework, it ensures an incredible viewing experience for your users.

Garelick – Agriculture Website Html Template

Garelick Agriculture Website HTML Template is a modern and suitable template for any organic product-related business. Whether you’re a farmer, agriculture owner, food retailer, or part of a food company, this template, built on the latest Bootstrap framework, offers an incredible viewing experience for your users.