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Hey website wizards! Ready to create an engaging online platform for education? You arrived in the exact right place. In this blog, we unveil a handpicked selection of free educational website templates with HTML and CSS magic.

The digital revolution has transformed learning. We bring you a collection of the finest templates, ideal for e-learning, tutoring, or academic institutions. Versatile, stunning, and SEO-friendly – these templates have it all. In our quest to enhance the educational experience, we have handpicked these HTML CSS website templates to help you create an engaging online platform for education.

Captivating hero sections, sleek layouts, and customization options make your website truly yours. Whether a seasoned developer or a complete novice, we have valuable tips for all.

Join us in elevating education through well-crafted websites. Let’s make learning accessible, enjoyable, and engaging for all. Let’s dive in!

Remember, the best things in life are free – especially supercharged educational website templates.


Worldcourse – Free Online Course Bootstrap 5 HTML Website Template

Worldcourse is a free Online Course on Bootstrap 5 HTML Website Template by TemplatesJungle. It is specially designed for an Online Course selling courses, events, products, etc. Just so you know, the template is meticulously prepared and primed for immediate use. Alternatively, you have the flexibility to customize and tailor the default appearance to align with your branding guidelines. In essence, these online course website templates serve as the ideal launchpad for something innovative and extraordinary. Take your presence online, and share knowledge on a global scale.

Free Bootstrap 5 HTML Website Template for Online Course

Jubilee – Free Bootstrap 5 HTML Website Template for Online Course

Jubilee is an exceptional Online Course Bootstrap 5 HTML Website Template offered by TemplatesJungle, and it comes to you completely free of charge. Crafted with precision, it is specifically geared towards platforms selling courses, hosting events, showcasing products, and more. This template is meticulously designed and ready for immediate deployment. Moreover, it offers the flexibility to personalize and customize its default appearance to seamlessly align with your brand identity and guidelines. These online course website templates serve as the perfect springboard for unleashing innovation and creating something truly extraordinary. Establish your online presence and share knowledge on a global scale with ease.


Kindergarten – Daycare and Kindergarten Bootstrap 5 HTML Website Template

Kindergarten is a free Daycare and Kindergarten Bootstrap 5 HTML Website Template by TemplatesJungle.The template is tailored and optimized for websites related to daycare and kindergarten services. It likely includes features and design elements suitable for such websites.

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Emily – Free Health Coach and Writer Bootstrap 5 HTML Website Template

Emily is a free Bootstrap 5 HTML website template tailored for female life coaches, health coaches, and writers. With a sleek and modern design, Emily is specifically curated to meet the needs of health coaches, lifestyle coaches, and relationship coaches who are passionate about empowering women.

Dance - Free Dance Studio HTML Website Template

Dance – Free Dance HTML CSS Website Template

Dance is a free responsive education website template by TemplatesJungle. You can use it for a dance academy website, dance classes, dance schools, dance course landing page, or any dance studio website.

FitPhysique - Free Fitness/Gym HTML CSS Template

FitPhysique – Free Responsive Fitness/Gym HTML CSS Template

FitPhysique is a free responsive HTML / CSS template designed for gym/fitness websites. It is suitable for any health club website, gym and fitness website, health instructor’s personal website, etc.

It is packed with beautiful design elements for your website which includes a slideshow, info box, milestones, trainers, pricing tables, BMI calculator, testimonial slider, posts slider, and many more.

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Emily – Free Life Coach and Writer Bootstrap 5 HTML Website Template

Emily is a free Bootstrap 5 HTML website template tailored for female life coaches, health coaches, and writers. With a sleek and modern design, Emily is specifically curated to meet the needs of health coaches, lifestyle coaches, and relationship coaches who are passionate about empowering women.

YogMantra – Free Yoga Teacher HTML5 Website Template

YogMantra – Free Yoga Teacher HTML Website Template

YogMantra is a free educational Bootstrap 5 website template by TemplatesJungle. This template is a modern, unique, and beautifully designed free HTML template. It is suitable for any yoga studio, yoga teacher, yoga club, or any yoga-related information website.

HealthMantra - Free Yoga Studio Figma Web Design Template

HealthMantra – Free Health Teacher HTML Website Template

HealthMantra is a free HTML one-page health teacher website template for health-related teachers and instructors. It is suitable for any health experts, health teachers, yoga studios, yoga teachers, yoga clubs, or any health-related educational website.

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Educenter – Free HTML5 Bootstrap 4 Education Website Template

Educenter free and responsive educational website template crafted using Bootstrap 4 and HTML5. This multi-page gem includes essential sections such as courses, events, and blogs. With its sleek and minimal design, Educenter offers a seamless browsing experience across all devices, be it a compact handheld or a spacious desktop screen.

Etrain – Free Education Website Template

Etrain is a cutting-edge and free responsive educational website template crafted using HTML5 and the latest Bootstrap 4 framework. Embodying a modern, pristine, and minimalist design, Etrain presents itself as an ideal web solution for educational institutions, including schools, colleges, universities, and online course platforms.


Fox is a free responsive HTML5 Bootstrap 4 education website template. Whether it’s a school, college, university, or any educational institute, Fox fits the bill perfectly. With its contemporary and visually pleasing design, Fox maintains a clean and minimalistic appearance. Its flexibility ensures a pixel-perfect display on all devices, be it handheld gadgets or expansive desktop screens.

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Academics – Free Bootstrap 4 HTML5 Education Website Template

Academics is a complimentary Bootstrap 4 HTML5 template designed for education websites. Ideal for schools, colleges, universities, and various educational institutions, Academics boasts a simple, elegant, and captivating design. Fully responsive, it effortlessly adapts to every device, ensuring a seamless experience on both small and large screens.

Coaching – Free Bootstrap 4 HTML5 Education Website Template

This stunning theme caters to those seeking a free, visually appealing solution for their educational organization. Embracing the most contemporary and trendy elements, Coaching is fully responsive and optimized to ensure a flawless display on all devices, from small screens to large ones.


Oneschool, is an exceptional one-page website template designed for schools and educational organizations. This free Bootstrap 4 HTML5 gem offers a seamless browsing experience as it is fully responsive and compatible with all screen sizes. Whether you’re using a mobile device or a desktop, Oneschool maintains its pixel-perfect appearance. With its versatility, it becomes the ideal choice for educational institutions, online courses, schools, universities, and similar websites.

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SmartEDU is an education responsive HTML5 template tailored for websites and portals with educational purposes. Perfect for projects related to educational courses, SmartEDU comes equipped with a variety of web elements that facilitate the seamless construction of your own site.

Webuni – Free Educational Website Template

Modern and practical, it serves as a valuable platform to showcase your online courses or present your educational institute. With a focus on performance and quality, this template boasts an eye-catching appearance and cutting-edge features. Take advantage of Webuni to create a website akin to popular platforms like Coursera, Codecademy, Udemy, and Udacity. It’s all set and ready to go online; simply unpack and launch!


Creating a learning website becomes easy with a free HTML5 education template like Ezuca. If you’d like to present your site in style, Ezuca will support you with loads of modern features. Bootstrap 4 and Owl Carousel are two brilliant features to mention from this free website template.

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Course – Feature-rich, Multi-page Free Educational Template

Unlike other mediocre products, Course is a free education HTML template to build an academic website fast. With the intriguing layout and Bootstrap 4 support, it’s a real gem for professionals. Download this free HTML5 template now and get your site ready with a few tweaks.

Known Template

Known is an educational responsive CSS template that comes with a slider, carousels, simple signup forms, and contact form. All-in-one HTML5 page features useful sections.

Edulogy – Free Online University Responsive Template

It is a free online university responsive HTML template perfectly suited for educational institutions, ranging from Kindergarten and Elementary School to Junior High School, Senior High School, and University. With its abundance of layout variations, this template is highly suitable for both school and university websites, offering a versatile and captivating design for an immersive online presence.

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Edusite – Free HTML5 Template With Simple Layout

Discover Edusite, the perfect free education template driven by the power of Bootstrap and other contemporary web technologies like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery. Whether it’s for academic purposes or alumni needs, Edusite empowers you to effortlessly accomplish your projects. Uncover the extensive features it offers to make your educational endeavors a seamless success.

Enlight – A Responsive Education Website Template

Education is the defining factor that sets humans apart from all other species on Earth. Throughout history, the importance of education has been undeniable, and this truth holds firm even today. However, the approach to education is undoubtedly evolving. With the internet’s rapid growth, people are increasingly turning to it for educational purposes. Consequently, we witness the constant emergence of education-related websites, catering to training centers, coaching centers, colleges, academies, universities, and schools, as they adapt to the digital age. This template is perfect for educational websites.

Topic Listing Template

Topic Listing includes 4 HTML pages for home, listing, detail, and contact. The homepage features many sections such as a search bar, content tabs, timeline, accordion, etc. This layout used Teal or DarkCyan color gradients. It is easy to modify with the use of the Bootstrap 5 CSS library.

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KidKinder – Kindergarten Website Template

If you’re in search of free HTML website templates for your kindergarten or any educational organization, you’ve come to the right spot. Introducing KidKinder, a delightful preschool website template tailored for kindergartens, early learning schools, preschools, primary schools, elementary schools, junior high schools, colleges, child care centers, nurseries, and more. Download and utilize this template to effortlessly create your kindergarten website and explore all its features in detail.

Kider – Preschool Website Template

Kider is a creative and responsive free preschool website template with a lot of predefined web elements which help you to build your own educational website easily. The template is best suited for kids’ care centers, children’s websites, kindergartens, schooling, early learning, preschool, primary school, elementary school, junior high school, college, child care centers, nursery, and many more.

Eduwell Template

EduWell is a professional HTML5 website template for educational institutes or schools. This CSS template is based on Bootstrap v5.1.3 latest one as of 2022 February. There are 4 separate HTML pages included. The main page can also be used as a one-page layout.

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eLEARNING – eLearning HTML Template

Introducing eLEARNING, a sleek, contemporary, and one-of-a-kind free eLearning HTML template boasting a beautiful design and remarkable features. Tailored to perfection, it proves to be the ideal match for your educational purposes, catering to websites focused on courses, learning, online courses, eLearning, classes, tutorials, lessons, education centers, kindergartens, schools, colleges, universities, educational blogs, academies, tuition, tutoring, institutes, teachers, and much more. Explore its versatility and excellence to elevate your online educational platform.


Responsive, 4 Columns educational website template for free.

Eduprix – Template

Eduprix is a free Bootstrap 5 template for educational websites. Produced in-house by Themewagon, this template showcases a modern and stylish design. As a one-page template, it not only highlights your website’s features but also presents an alluring design to attract more visitors. Eduprix boasts 100% responsiveness, high optimization, and seamless compatibility with all retina displays and devices, including iPhones and iPads. For those who value technological precision, everything is thoughtfully organized and presented in a neat manner.

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This free template is for educational-related websites. This freebie features are it is responsive, 3 Columns, and light on dark.

Edu Meeting Template

Edu Meeting is an education HTML CSS template for universities or schools or any educational institute. This layout is based on the latest Bootstrap v5.1.3 CSS library. It consists of 3 pages, the main page, the meeting list page, and the meeting detail page. The main page has many features such as a video banner, carousel information items, meeting categories, and posts, accordion content tabs, and a contact form section.

Little Squirrel

Little Squirrel is an in-house built free Bootstrap 5 template for educative websites. Custom illustration with responsive features makes this multipage template a perfect choice as a learning website theme. Little Squirrel is clean, single-paged, and adaptive to all the current browsers and devices. This HTML5 free website template got gulp based workflow that helps to build the site easily.

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Joson is a free Bootstrap 4 template for education websites. It is specially designed for educational purposes like universities, colleges, schools, education centers, etc. It is fully responsive, highly optimized, and well-suited to all currently accessible browsers and devices. This template was created with cutting-edge web technologies, including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery. Let’s find out more about what’s within.

StudyLab – Free Responsive Educational HTML Template

StudyLab is a powerful free Bootstrap template for schools, universities, online courses, and other education-related websites. It can help any educational institute to promote its practices more vividly to its users. This creative and modern web theme is 100% responsive, abodes into well-craft, and is compatible with all the available browsers and devices. If you are up for creating an educational platform, you better start with StudyLab.

Courses – Free HTML and CSS Educational Template

‘Courses’ is a minimal free Bootstrap template for education websites. This fabulous web skin can take your online educational services to new heights. It is 100% responsive, well-optimized, and compatible with all devices and browsing platforms for an always-cracking experience. The operation of your website will be smooth all the time.

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An exquisite free Bootstrap template designed for educational websites. Its minimalistic yet splendid appearance makes it an ideal choice for schools, colleges, and online courses’ web presence. Crafted with HTML5 & CSS3, it seamlessly adapts to all modern browsers and digital devices. Edustage is fully responsive, adaptive, and finely tuned to provide a flawless user experience.

Wiser – Free HTML5 Template

Wiser is a free Bootstrap HTML5 education website template for school, college, and university websites. It is designed with such elegance and perfection that everyone who visits it gets attracted to the theme. Moreover, Wiser is a simple looking clean, and minimal template with full responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility.

Unica – Study Related Free Website Template

Unica is a free Bootstrap HTML5 education website template for schools, universities, and other education-related organizations. Your online courses can also be presented online through this site canvas. Moreover, Unica is a well-designed and attractive theme that sparks interest in everyone who visits it. It is optimized for all major browsers and fully responsive.

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Tutor – Free HTML with CSS Educational Website Template

Tutor is a sophisticated free Bootstrap template for educational websites. To establish any online educational hub, Tutor has no better opponent. It is a contemporary, clean, and dynamic design, built with HTML5 & CSS3. This highly responsive, well-optimized, and flexible web-skin worth your try.


It is perfectly suited for online courses, e-learning, and other online education systems. With its captivating design and fully responsive layouts, Elearn stands out as a unique theme. Furthermore, it is fully compatible with all major browsers, ensuring a seamless experience for all users.


With its bold, impactful, and elegant design, it serves as a captivating web canvas for educational institutes, including schools, colleges, and universities. OnlineEdu boasts an eye-catching appearance and beautiful look, making it visually appealing. Additionally, the layouts are 100% responsive, ensuring seamless performance across all browsers and devices.

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Brighton – Learning center Website Template

Brighton – Learning centre Website Template perfectly designed for education, online study, tutorials, Online classes university, school perfectly HTML and responsive design.

LearnIT – Free Bootstrap 4 Educational Website Template

Specially designed for online education and courses, it serves as an ideal platform for schools, colleges, and university websites, with the added capability to accommodate online courses. LearnIT’s fully responsive design ensures seamless functionality across all devices, and it is optimized for compatibility with all the latest browsers. Elevate your online educational platform with LearnIT’s versatile and user-friendly features.

Unicat – Educational Website Template Free

This free template is carefully designed to be responsive and cater to education websites. This premium-like web theme is perfect for online educational institutions, schools, colleges, universities, online courses, and other related organizations. Unicat offers a plethora of trendy and useful options, enhancing the overall user experience. Additionally, it is fully responsive and optimized for seamless performance across all major browsers. Its fluid nature ensures a pristine appearance on any device, further elevating the browsing experience. Unleash the potential of Unicat to create a captivating and dynamic online presence for your educational organization.

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Edumark – Free Educational Website Template with HTML and CSS

Edumark is fully responsive and optimized for the latest browsers, this theme boasts a stylish design with a clean, minimal, and simple look, making it visually appealing. Additionally, Edumark ensures a flawless display on any device, be it a large desktop or a compact handheld device. Elevate your educational website with Edumark’s eye-catching aesthetics and seamless user experience.