Directory Listing HTML Website Templates Free Download

In the age of the internet, having your very own directory listing website can be a game-changer. Whether you want to showcase small businesses, create a classifieds hub, or curate event listings, a well-designed directory site can do wonders. But let’s be real – not everyone has the time or coding skills to build a website from the ground up. That’s where we come in!

We’ve scoured the web to find you the cream of the crop – the best free Directory Listing HTML website templates. These templates are like a gift from the web development gods. They look amazing and, most importantly, they work like a charm. They are your golden ticket to kickstart your directory project.

Whether you’re a tech wizard, a budding entrepreneur, or just someone with a brilliant idea, these templates offer a cost-effective and time-saving head start. You can take them, customize them, and within no time, have your very own directory site up and running.

The best part? They won’t cost you a dime. Yep, they are absolutely free. Plus, they’re designed and crafted by experts who know their stuff, so you can trust that you’re getting top-quality code and sleek design. These free HTML templates are packed with features like search functions, user profiles, and interactive maps to make your site super user-friendly.

In this article, we’re going to introduce you to a handpicked selection of the finest free Directory Listing HTML website templates. You’ll find a diverse range of styles and features, catering to different tastes and needs. Whether you’re after a modern, unique, or more traditional, information-packed layout, you’re in the right place.

Say goodbye to the headache of starting from scratch. Your dream directory website is just a template away. All you need to do is pick the one that resonates with your vision, download it, and let your creativity run wild with customization. It’s time to bring your directory project to life!

So, now it’s time to choose an awesome free directory listing HTML website template from the collection of best directory listing website templates.

Aler – Free Bootstrap 4 HTML5 Directory Listing Website Template

Aler is a cost-free HTML5 directory listing website template, tailor-made for real estate ventures, property-related businesses, or those specializing in property rentals. This template seamlessly combines contemporary design with a touch of creativity and minimalism. Aler boasts full responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility, ensuring a seamless user experience across different devices and web browsers. 

Directory Tour – Business directory website template free HTML

Directory Tour is a contemporary solution that elevates your real estate and property business website into a top-tier online presence. With its elegantly understated design, it ensures that your content takes center stage, making it incredibly eye-catching. Its outstanding gallery remains perfectly responsive on all devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. This free website template offers a wealth of exceptional page layouts and versatile features.

Furthermore, it is responsive and optimized for compatibility with most of all web browsers. Within the package, you’ll also find customizable code and beautifully designed sections.

Places – Free Bootstrap 4 template for Travel Agency

“Places” is a Bootstrap 4 template that is free and ideally suited for travel agencies, although its adaptability extends well beyond that. You can tailor its elements, colors, and other aspects to match your specific requirements. Noteworthy features include a select2 dropdown for both “from” and “to” form fields, a Bootstrap date picker for selecting dates, and the inclusion of animations that lend your website a stylish and modern appearance.

Haus – Free Real Estate HTML5 Website Template

“Haus” is a complimentary free HTML5 Bootstrap template meticulously crafted to cater to the needs of real estate agents and companies. This feature-rich template boasts property listing functionality, a user-friendly search form, integrated Google Maps, and a plethora of smooth animations. Additionally, it includes a captivating slider and a host of other delightful surprises waiting to be explored. The clean and sophisticated design of “Haus” enhances its overall appeal, making it an ideal choice for your real estate business. Witness how it can elevate and amplify your real estate venture to new heights!

Citylisting – Free Bootstrap 4 HTML5 Directory Website Template

Citylisting is a directory listing free website template that mirrors the quality and aesthetics of premium designs. It is the ideal choice for creating an impactful and efficient directory listing website. 

Citylisting doesn’t just stop at functionality; it’s also a visually captivating template that’s sure to draw a substantial number of visitors to your site with its eye-catching design and exquisite appearance. This template is fully responsive, ensuring seamless performance on a variety of devices, and it’s meticulously optimized for compatibility with all the latest web browsers. Make your directory listing site to new heights with Citylisting, where aesthetics and functionality seamlessly coexist.

Browse – Free Bootstrap 4 HTML5 Directory Website Template

“Browse” is a free directory listing website template based on Bootstrap 4, offering full responsiveness and seamless compatibility with all modern web browsers. This template is an ideal choice for websites designed around listing directories. “Browse” shines with pixel-perfect precision, ensuring that it delivers an exceptional user experience on any device or screen size. Notably, it comes equipped with a convenient search box in the header, complete with filters, making it easier for users to navigate and find the information they need. With “Browse,” your directory website is set to make a strong and user-friendly impression.

Dorne – Stunning Free Bootstrap Travel Directory Template

Dorne is a travel directory listing free website template designed for those looking to get their website up and running quickly. Built on the latest Bootstrap framework, this template is a cutting-edge solution for effortlessly creating a directory and listing website. What makes it even more compelling is the array of modern features it offers: an advanced search option, complete with a full-width search field, a captivating color scheme, and delightful animations.

The template’s sections are organized and can be easily customized to suit various business needs. This free directory listing website template doesn’t stop at the basics; it also provides a range of ready-made pages that can be seamlessly integrated into your next project. With this template, you have all the tools at your disposal to launch a polished and functional travel directory website in no time.

Ministore ecommerce template

Listco – Free Bootstrap 4 HTML5 Directory Listing Website Template

Listco is a free Bootstrap template for directory listing websites, boasting an elegant web design that instantly captivates visitors. With its mesmerizing interface, this freebie has the power to draw visitors in from their very first encounter. Additionally, it is fully responsive and seamlessly compatible with all the latest web browsers, ensuring an uncompromised user experience. The best part is that it is readily available for immediate use without any obstacles.

This Bootstrap 4 HTML5 template includes a plethora of contemporary features to elevate your website. It covers everything from a striking hero header and a sticky navigation bar to engaging drop-down menus, captivating hover effects, and dynamic carousels, among other functionalities.

Locals Directory – Free Bootstrap 4 HTML5 Directory Listing Website Template

Locals Directory free Bootstrap 4 HTML5 template for directory listing websites is a perfect visually stunning design that exudes beauty and elegance. This template is the perfect choice if you’re looking to create a directory for businesses such as restaurants, bars, spas, and fitness centers, or any similar type of website. Notably, Locals Directory features a location-based search box in the header, enhancing user-friendliness. Furthermore, it is fully responsive and optimized for compatibility with all modern web browsers. Within the package, you’ll also find easily customizable code, simplifying your development journey.

Listrace – Free one-page Bootstrap HTML5 directory listing website template

Listrace is a clean, simple one-page Bootstrap HTML5 directory listing free website template. It is for a directory listing on any type of business website. This template the Bootstrap framework and essential directory elements like Google maps, reviews, etc. This beautifully crafted website template is fully free.

JobListing – Free HTML5 Corporate Website Template for Job Board

JobListing is a free corporate website template meticulously crafted with Bootstrap 4, tailored to cater to the creation of a digital job portal. The design of JobListing is not only clean but also irresistibly attractive, making it a top choice for crafting a unique and engaging website. The template includes an advanced and distraction-free search feature, enabling job seekers to effortlessly locate their desired positions.

Listing – Free HTML5 Directory Template With Bootstrap

Listing is an HTML5 directory template. This template presents a flawless design and a host of brilliant features that are sure to impress. All you need to do is download it and customize it to create a tailored website in no time. As this template is fully freely available.

To provide a brief overview of what you can expect, the template allows you to incorporate stunning images. Additionally, it features a search bar with two input boxes, one for the search term and the other for specifying the location. This template equips you with the tools to craft an impressive and functional website tailored to your specific needs.