Piece of Cake - Responsive HTML5 Template

In this article, we have hand-picked some of the best cake shop HTML Website templates.

These cake shop website templates will help you easily create cake store websites.

Go through this list to save you some hours trying to find the cake shop template for your website.

Packed with amazing design elements and features, these are an obvious choice for your cake shop website.


Cake Store - Free Bakery Shop HTML Template

Cake Store

Introducing exquisite Cake Shop Website Template, a stunning Bootstrap 5 template designed specifically for bakeries and cake shops. With this free template, you can elevate your online presence and captivate customers with an elegant design and user-friendly interface. This bakery web template is built using the latest version of Bootstrap, ensuring a seamless and visually appealing experience for your visitors.

Bakery – Cake Shop Html Template


The Bakery Cake Shop HTML template is specifically designed for cake or bakery stores. This template can be used as a framework to start building your own website according to your needs. The code is consistent, and we have followed a good coding standard, making it easy to maintain. the aim is to make it easy for everyone to understand and modify it as per their requirements.

JustCakes - Cake Bakery HTML template


JustCakes is a modern HTML template for bakeries, suitable for all types of desserts, cakes, pastries, sweets, chocolates, and beverages.

Sweet Shop

Sweet Shop

The Sweet Shop website template features subtle design elements that gradually give way to bold colors, lively images, and a vibrant atmosphere that one expects from a sweet shop or bakery. It immediately captures the attention of the viewer.

Cake Dream - Responsive Cake Shop Template

Cake Dream

Cake’s Dream Cake and Cupcakes HTML template is perfect for your cake shop, with unique designs that are not found in other templates.

Bakerfresh - Cake & Bakery Website Template


Bakerfresh is a modern and well-designed business website template for bakeries. It is based on the latest version of Bootstrap and comes with unique features that make it easy to build a professional eCommerce website. You can use this template to sell a variety of bakery products such as bread, cakes, cookies, cupcakes, coffee, chocolate, candy, and more.

Cake Shop

Cakes Shop

The Cakes Shop template is a visually appealing design that features full-page graphics and a soothing gray background with contrasting red accents. It starts with an impressive slideshow of cakes and then transitions into showcasing products with the help of parallax effects. Overall, it is an exceptional template that stands out.

Fiona Patisserie

Fiona Patisserie

The Fiona Patisserie template is a visually appealing and captivating food template. It starts with a large slider that showcases high-quality images and a simple menu at the top of the page. As you scroll down, the page unfolds into a light and engaging design with a parallax effect and more beautiful imagery. and engaging design with a parallax effect and more beautiful imagery.

Piece of Cake - Responsive HTML5 Template

Piece of Cake

Piece of Cake is a one-page HTML5 template designed for cake and pastry websites. It’s fully responsive and includes many customizable elements that are easy to edit. The template is built on the Bootstrap Framework, which provides powerful customization options. It comes with four pre-made color schemes, but you can easily create your own color scheme.

Bellaria - A Delicious Cakes and Bakery HTML Template


Bellaria is a highly versatile and adaptable HTML template that is ideal for a wide range of websites. This template provides numerous possibilities that will enable you to effortlessly create a stunning, visually appealing and one-of-a-kind website. Bellaria is a premium HTML template designed specifically for cake shops, bakeries and coffee shops, and is customized to meet your requirements and your clients’ expectations.

Cake & Bake - Resposive HTML5 Template

Cake & Bake

Cake & Bake is a versatile and fully responsive HTML5 template designed for Cake, bakery, or pastries websites. The template comes with numerous beautiful and editable elements that make it easy to customize. It is built using the Bootstrap Framework, which offers powerful options to make the template completely customizable.

CakeZone – Cake Shop Website Template


CakeZone is a free HTML web template that is specifically designed for businesses in the food industry such as bakeries, cake shops, pastry stores, coffee shops, ice cream shops, restaurants, yogurt shops, biscuit shops, cake designers, and others. This template is fully customizable and responsive, making it ideal for showcasing a business’s products and services, menu, prices, and more.

Tehzeeb - Responsive Cake Shop Template


Introducing a specialized website template designed for bakeries, pastry stores, ice cream shops, yogurt shops, and other businesses of a similar nature. The Cake Bakery Template features a stunning and distinctive design that will perfectly complement your online presence. Ideal for cake designers, restaurants, and other similar establishments!

Cukape - Restaurant Cakes and Coffee Shop Template


Cukape is a restaurant, cakes, and coffee shop template that offers unique designs not found in other templates, making Cake’s Dream the perfect choice for your cake shop.