Free eCommerce HTML Website Templates with Multiple Features for Download

Download these high-quality, responsive free eCommerce HTML website templates for any online store and online shopping website. These e-commerce web templates are provided by some of the best design agencies and designers.

Don’t confuse HTML Website templates with Websites. These are not fully functional websites but HTML templates you need to develop a website.

Why These Free HTML Templates?

HTML templates are ready-to-use designs yet to be integrated into popular eCommerce frameworks like WordPress, OSCommerce, OpenCart, Shopify, etc.

You may want to download these free HTML CSS templates with source codes from TemplatesJungle.
If you are trying to create a design for your store, you may want to use these free eCommerce store Figma Templates as starter templates.

You might ask why HTML template if we can directly download themes. Any framework or platform needs the design in HTML and CSS before it can be integrated.

However, a theme developed for a specific framework will not work with other frameworks.

That’s why it’s always a good choice for designers to provide their designs as HTML templates instead of functional themes so that end-users can integrate them into any framework of their choice. Even mobile apps need the design in HTML CSS templates.

These popular website frameworks will come and go but these HTML templates will live on forever, ready to be integrated into the next big framework or platform. There used to be OSCommerce and OpenCart long before Shopify. OSCommerce themes are not in use now but a 10-year-old HTML template can still be developed into a Shopify theme.

Use these e-commerce HTML templates to showcase your products in any online store. We have picked at least one for every specific niche.

It’s hard to believe these beautiful eCommerce HTML web templates are for free download. Big thanks to the amazing creators who made it possible.

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Don’t forget to show them some love by sharing it with your friends and families. These amazing resources deserve a lot more attention. Let’s support these creators in every possible way by providing these amazing freebies.

Hope you will enjoy these free eCommerce Templates.

Go through these premium Online Shopping Website templates if you have a budget for a design.

FoodFarm - Organic Product Store Website Figma Template


FoodFarm is a beautiful Bootstrap 5 e-commerce template for food and grocery stores. Its features include a slideshow, product grid, mega menu, post grid, product detail page, contact page, and a responsive design.

Jewels - Jewellery eCommerce Free Bootstrap 5 HTML CSS Website Template


Jewels is an eCommerce website template that is the target market for the jewelry store. Additionally, it works well for a variety of e-commerce domains. This front-end template was created using HTML, CSS, and JS in addition to the Bootstrap 5 toolkit. This template has a modern, minimalistic appearance with aspects of popular design.

Accesories - Jewelry Shop free eCommerce Bootstrap 5 HTML CSS Website Template

Accesories – Jewelry Shop

‘Accesories’ is a perfect free HTML CSS website template for freelancers, students, store owners, jewelry shops, accessories shops, etc. This free website template is made using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. To develop this template we have used Bootstrap 5 framework. This framework is very popular and used by many developers. This is a static website template and if you want to make it dynamic you can easily make it as you like. The coding standard of this template is very simple and organized properly so that other developers will easily change it.

This template’s features are it is free, 100% responsive on all devices, specifically designed elements for jewelry and accessories shops, SEO optimized coding, and modern and conversion-oriented design.

Soapy - Handmade Soap eCommerce Bootstrap 5 HTML CSS Website Template

Soapy – Handmade Soap Store

If you are searching for an HTML website template for a soap store then it will be perfect for you. This template is specially developed for soap stores. Using this free template and making your website using this template will save you a lot of time and cost. Now about the qualities of this template. You can download it for free. A professional website designer designs this template so it is user-friendly.

It has a modern and aesthetic design. The code is organized with a good standard. So if you are searching for a good website template for handmade shops, etc. This will be perfect for you.

Bookly - Bookstore Ecommerce Bootstrap 5 HTML CSS Website Template

Bookly – Bookstore

Are you ready to start selling books online? This free bookstore website template will help you to make your dream come true to sell books online. Whether you are an affiliate marketer who is selling books of others or you are selling your books this is a perfect template for both. You can check out a demo of this template by going to the download or preview page. There are ratings for each item so that users will know better how to purchase the book.

The color theme of this template is pink type and the typography of this template is soft typo font family ‘Nunito’. You can change the font if you want. This template uses Google font that’s why you can easily change the font. Download it now and see whether it is your choice or not.

T-shirt eCommerce Bootstrap5 HTML CSS Website Template

Tees – Printed T-shirt Store

This free template ‘Tees’ is for printed t-shirt stores as you already guessed by its image and name. You will find out light typography is used to match the vibe of a template. This template is available for free and if you want other multiple pages also you need to go with the pro version. This template is not dynamic so if you want to make it you need a developer who will make static templates dynamic.

Beauty and Nail Salon Bootstrap5 HTML CSS Website Template

Beauty – Beauty and Nail Salon

Nowadays, a lot of women entrepreneurs are doing great in their businesses. So, we have come up with a feminine website template for those who want to sell their products online. It is specially for beauty and nail salons and is also for other feminine businesses. Color combinations and typography also match with feminine websites.

ShopLite - Simple eCommerce Bootstrap 5 HTML CSS Free Website Template


ShopLite is a simple eCommerce Bootstrap 5 HTML CSS website template. If you are searching for a simple ecommerce template then this is perfect. It is suitable for any eCommerce store. Mainly this template is designed and developed for multipurpose. This free template is perfect for those who are trying to kickstart their projects. It will save a lot of time and effort. You will also find a free Figma version of this template.

Organic - Fruit and Vegetable Store Bootstrap 5 HTML CSS Template


Are you searching for an organic store website template to boost your productivity? This template is perfect for organic store websites. It is an HTML, CSS, and JS website template based on the Bootstrap 5 framework. It is best for grocery websites, department stores, fruit and vegetable websites, organic product store websites, etc.

Serene - Beauty Store eCommerce Bootstrap5 HTML CSS Website Template


‘Serene’ is a perfect HTML website template for feminine e-commerce websites. There is a lot of demand for feminine e-commerce website templates. Many business owners are doing their business online. Even if you have a physical store you need online to increase your sales in this digital age. This free e-commerce website template is developed by professionals by doing a lot of research in this field.

You will get many sections and elements that are specially made for conversions and brand trust. The theme of this template is retro. If you need this theme in your business you can use this template and if it doesn’t match your theme you can easily customize it.

Eyeglass Store eCommerce Bootstrap 5 HTML Website Template

Eyewear – Eyeglass Store Template

This free template is for eyewear stores. If you are doing a project related to an eyeglasses e-commerce site or eye-related e-commerce stores then this website template will help in many ways. You will find a free version of this template. This template is famous due to its classic design. No need to worry about coding standards. This template is made using the Bootstrap 5 framework so, it will be easy to customize and edit.

Cake Store - Free Bakery Shop HTML Template

Cake Store

Nowadays, websites are an essential part of most businesses. If you have a cake store or cake shop this free e-commerce website template will help you to get established online. This beautiful cake or pastry e-commerce website template is also responsive on many devices. You can simply download this free version of this template and use it. If you want many pages then go with the pro version of this template.

Uniclub – T-shirt Bootstrap 5 eCommerce Website Template


‘UniClub’ is a t-shirt e-commerce website template. This template is also perfect for other clothing stores like hoodies, print tees, sweatshirts, etc. It is unique due to its monochrome design. This template design is monochrome which makes your products pop. It is a responsive website template and the code is also optimized. The hover effects are smooth making this design clean and eye-pleasing.

Waggy - Pet Shop Free eCommerce Website Template


Waggy is a minimal, free e-commerce website template for pet stores. Check out a live demo of this beautiful template and see whether it is what you are searching for.

MiniStore Mini Ecommerce Store Website Template Cover

MiniStore – Mini E-commerce Store

In this modern tech world, there is a high demand for tech products so, we came up with a clean and free e-commerce HTML website template. There are a lot of businesses online that are just selling the least products. It is the perfect website template for them. This template is suitable for mobile stores, gadget stores, earphone stores, etc. It is also suitable for affiliate marketers who are posting small quantities of products and driving traffic from social media.

Foodmart - Free Bootstrap 5 eCommerce HTML Template


Full package of website template for grocery stores. This free e-commerce website template will help freelancers who are doing projects for grocery stores or food marts. It has a soft-looking theme template that looks fresh for your customers.

It is packed with different features like tabs and accordions, smooth hover effects, category section with a slider. If you like this template you can simply go to download.

Vaso - Interior Decor eCommerce Website Free Figma Template


Using a multipurpose e-commerce store website template for your store is good but not perfect. We have made this ‘Vaso’ free e-commerce website template for those who are selling interior decor products like vases, pots, ceramics, etc.

You can see beautiful clipping animations in this template. Many features made it one of the popular website templates.

kaira fashion store bootstrap ecommerce template

Kaira – Fashion Store

Kaira is a fashion store e-commerce website template. It is a large e-commerce website template. There are 30+ different pages included in this template. You will get a homepage for free that is also fully responsive. You can test this free e-commerce fashion store website template and go with the pro version if you want to extend it.

This template is optimized so that customers can easily change according to their requirements.

Candeller Candle Shop Free HTML Ecommerce Website Template Cover


You will find the very least candle e-commerce website template. Mainly free candle shop e-commerce website template is very difficult to find. Our team designed and developed this modern website template specially for candle shops. Download it now and check it out.

Kiddo - Kids Store eCommerce HTML Template

Kiddo – Kids Store eCommerce HTML Template

There are many clothing e-commerce website templates. When it comes to the kid’s store eCommerce website template. Finding a website template that is specially made for a kid’s store website is very hard. This ‘Kiddo’ website template matches with a kid vibe that will make your website look like a kid’s place. You can download this website template for free and use it.

Electrostore - Bootstrap 5 Electronic Gadge Store HTML Template

Electrostore – Gadget eCommerce

Do you like dark theme website templates? This e-commerce website template for electronic or gadget stores has a dark theme. This template is perfect for those who have a gaming products store. It is best for mobile stores, PC stores, laptop stores, headsets, speakers, tablets, cameras, lenses, etc.

WingTea - Tea Shop Bootstrap 5 HTML Website Template

WingTea – Tea Shop

Download this herbal tea shop website template. It is the perfect e-commerce website template for tea shops. It is a free website template that can be used for selling herbs, teas, coffees, herbal medicines, etc.

Classi - Bootstrap 5 HTML Template for Furniture Shop


Classi is a Bootstrap 5 furniture e-commerce website template. It can also be used for interior decor, lighting products stores, etc. This classic, free furniture eCommerce website template includes a lot of effects like parallax effects, smooth scrolling effects, fade effects, etc. You get the styles page to make changes to this website template easily.

Swanky - Fashion Store Free Figma Website Template

Swanky – Fashion Store

Swanky is a fashion store free e-commerce html website template. It has an orange theme making it a unique website template.

Care – Beauty Store

Care a perfect e-commerce store website template for a beauty store. Download it now.

Furnics - Furniture Store HTML Template

Furnics eCommerce HTML Template

Furnics is a minimal eCommerce HTML Bootstrap 5 website template. It is available for free. Features of this template are video popups, parallax effects, sliders, specific elements, hover effects, etc.

Micas - Online Book Store Bootstrap 5 Website Template Free

Micas – Online Book Store

This free online bookstore e-commerce website template is developed by professional designers and developers. This template is minimal and perfect for a bookstore due to its clean and simple look. You can get a slider section and cart dropdowns in this template. It includes multiple pages like a single product page, blog page, about page, contact page, cart page, etc.

TechLight - Tech Store And Tech Blog Website Template

TechLight – Tech Store

Are you searching for a multi-purpose website template? This free e-commerce store website template is built in HTML, CSS, and JS using the Bootstrap 5 framework. The code is optimized and maintained in order to make it reuseable in other website templates. Mainly this template is made for tech stores and tech blogs.

Ultras - Free Clothing Store eCommerce Store HTML Website Template

Ultras – Clothing Store

It is a clothing store website template for shoes, hoodies, clothes, jackets, etc. If you have a clothing store and you want to make your store online you can use this free e-commerce website template and start to sell your clothing products. If you are a freelancer who is working as a developer for a clothing store, you can use this template. The main aim of these free e-commerce HTML website templates is to help you to kickstart your projects.

Booksaw - Free Book Store HTML Template

Booksaw – Book Store HTML Template

Minimal, free bookstore e-commerce HTML Template. Kickstart your process of developing your website by using this free bookstore HTML website template. This template is also perfect if you want a one-page website. You can simply add different sections in this template as it is built using a Bootstrap 5 framework. Download this free template and check it out.

Stylish - Free eCommerce Shoe Store Bootstrap Website Template

Stylish – Shoe Store

This stylish shoe store is a modern and responsive website template for e-commerce website templates. It is in a 12-column grid system. In this template, you can get special sections like discount coupons section, banners, product section, footer, etc. These sections and elements will help you to make more conversions.

Plantly - Plant Shop Figma Template

Plantly – Plant Selling

Going online is very important to open new ways of revenue generation. This minimal green color theme website template is beautifully developed and is also mobile friendly as it is also very important.

Flores - Skincare Products Ecommerce Website Template

Flores – Skincare Products

Whether your stores sell beauty products, shampoos, perfumes, herbal medicines, towels, etc related to any beauty products, this skincare product e-commerce website template is best for them.

Gemstone - Free HTML CSS eCommerce Template for Jewellery Store Website

Gemstone – Jewellery Store Website

Perfect website template for gemstones and jewelry stores.

PlantLover - Free Bootstrap 5 HTML Website Template


E-commerce website template for plant stores. It is a customizable template and is available for free.

Freebies - Free Resource Sharing Bootstrap 5 HTML CSS Website Template


Freebies is a free digital resource-sharing website template for any digital goods.

Bakery – Cake Shop Html Template

Bakery – Cake Shop

Bakeries also need to sell bakery products online and this cake shop template is perfect for them. If you have a coffee shop and need an e-commerce HTML website template then this template is also suitable for them.


Worldcourse – Online Course

Nowadays, many content creators are selling online courses. This free website template is the perfect online course selling e-commerce website templates. If you are a digital marketer, SEO expert, artist, developer, etc, and selling courses online this template is a perfect solution for it.


The name of this template is ‘MaleFashion’ so you have already guessed about this template. So this free e-commerce website template is for male fashion stores. You can also use it for other e-commerce stores by changing primary and secondary colors and typography.


Modern furniture store e-commerce website template. You won’t believe that it is available for free. This template is multi-page and multipurpose. It is also suitable for other e-commerce stores like interior decor, couches, stands, beds, lamps, etc.

Eflyer – Free Shopping

It is a free online store HTML website template perfect for a wide range of clothing stores.

Ogani – eCommerce Website Template

This eCommerce website template is an open-source project. You can use this project for personal and commercial projects.


A multipage e-commerce website template is available for free. It is designed in a grid system to look aesthetic and balanced. There are different banners for listing categories of clothing like kids, accessories, women, men, etc.

Timups – Smart Watches

Smartwatch e-commerce website template available for free. This template features include smooth sliders, a unique design, a responsive layout, etc. You can also use this website template for affiliate marketing of products or dropshipping.

Silon – One Page

A popular one-page e-commerce website template is for free. This template is a perfect website template for fashion stores or boutiques. It is a simple and clean template with modern effects.


Ustora is an HTML eCommerce template that features a flat design. It is most suitable for digital stores, phone stores, electronic stores, and accessories stores.

Electro – Multi-page

It can be challenging to find a ready-made free template that is both visually appealing and user-friendly. The header boasts various features, including contact options, a wallet, a cart, a wishlist, and a profile.


Download this fashion store website template. In this template, there are every section and element designed in a way that matches with fashion store website.


Furn is a modern e-commerce template with a responsive design that features a clean and minimal look. It can be an excellent platform for showcasing your company and educating people about it.


Eshopper is a free website template for E-commerce that is constructed with the Bootstrap 4 framework. This template has all the essential pages required to create a professional eCommerce website, which includes many pages.


This free e-commerce website template is developed by Untree. It is a perfect template with a lot of features including cart dropdown, search popup, hover effect, different important pages, etc. It will be best match with clothing stores and can be used by other businesses too.


Modern-looking furniture website template is a free e-commerce website template. Different types of patterns in this template make it look unique. Download this best template now and check whether it is what you are searching for or not.

Web Store

This old type of e-commerce website is also searched by a lot of people. There are many modern website templates and these old templates are also great-looking websites. This template is for selling stationery items, accessories, or construction items.

Pcoint – Laptop Shop

You can use other e-commerce store website templates for your laptop store. If you want a specific e-commerce website template for your laptop store then this template is perfect.

Pullo – Shoe

Modern shoe or sneakers website template for you. This HTML template is for shoe stores. The theme of this template is modern and adventurous so it will also go well with the sports and travel wear store websites.

Big Store

Like the name of this template ‘BigStore,’ it is for big stores. This template is for grocery stores, department stores, etc. There are a lot of options for categories and you can also filter items. This template is perfect free template to grow your business online.

MultiShop – Online Shop

MultiShop is a template for an e-commerce store. You can use this template for any niche. It is suitable for any niche. This template includes specific sections and elements to get a good conversion.


Get 100% responsive HTML, CSS Bootstrap website template for free. You can customize this template easily and create a functional website template of your choice. It is not compromised in quality as it is available for free. This template is like a pro template.


A fully packaged premium quality free e-commerce website template that will amaze you. For the extra menu, there is a burger menu icon. After clicking that menu, the animated off-canvas menu will appear. It is a classic-looking website template with many pages that are required for an online store.


This free eCommerce template is designed for online stores. It is perfectly suitable for shoes, cosmetics, beauty stores, garments, etc.


A beautiful free eCommerce store website template to start an online store. This template is just not only beautiful, but it is also user-friendly. It is 100% mobile-friendly and error-free.


This fully ready free eCommerce website template will save you a lot of time and money in the process of development. It is a wonderfully responsive website template with perfect UI and UX. You can also get many homepage versions to choose from. It comes with other different pages that are required for an online store.


If you want to present your online store outstandingly, this template will make it happen. This includes elements and sections that are required. It is a minimal website template and also fully responsive.


Unique eCommerce website template for your store. You will get a countdown banner that makes a high conversion.


Digital store eCommerce website template for free. It is mainly suitable for electronic stores, gadgets, etc.


Sixteen Clothing - Online Store eCommerce HTML Website Template


Fior – Flowers Shop HTML Template


Beautiful eCommerce website template for a flower shop.

Luxury - Free Luxury Watch One Page Website Template


Download this free watch store one-page website template. It will go well if you are trying to make a sales landing page or dropship.

Free eCommerce HTML Website Templates with Multiple Features for Download