Denim - Clothing Store Free Figma eCommerce Web Design Template

Denim clothing store free Figma eCommerce template is a professionally designed modern, minimal web design template.

By using this modern website template you can easily customize the contents of this template and use it in your projects. There are many pages included in this template so, you can create a perfect professional website. This template is made in Figma and it is easy to use.

In this template, you can get many UI components and elements to make it easier and save you time. Many elements are specially designed for e-commerce websites.

You will find two versions of this ‘Denim’ template. With our free version, you can get a homepage including a mobile version.

But if you want the full experience, we recommend the premium version. You can access all 32 pages, UI components, and mobile screens for a small fee.

The premium version includes:

  • 01_Home Page
  • 02_Home Page
  • 03_Home Page
  • 04_Home Page
  • 05_Home Page
  • 06_About Us Page
  • 07_Shop Page
  • 08_Shop Page
  • 09_Shop Page
  • 10_Shop Page
  • 11_Shop Page
  • 12_Shop Page
  • 13_Shop Page
  • 14_Shop Page
  • 15_Shop Single
  • 16_Shop Single
  • 17_My Account
  • 18_Wishlist
  • 19_Cart
  • 20_Checkout
  • 21_Order Tracking
  • 22_Blog Page
  • 23_Blog Page
  • 24_Blog Page
  • 25_Blog Page
  • 26_Blog Page
  • 27_Blog Details
  • 28_Blog Details
  • 29_FAQs
  • 30_Contact Us
  • 31_Coming Soon
  • 32_Error Page
  • 00_Dropdowns

Go to your drafts in Figma App and import the .fig file to start using the template.

Layer Structure

As you can see in the images below, we created some folders that were named based on their position in the layout, and all of them are well organized.

Denim clothing store figma template layer structure

We will expand the folders to see inside. All the layers are also named clearly. You will know exactly where this layer belongs by its name.

Denim clothing store figma template auto layout


Make sure you click on the pages to browse through all 27 pages and mobile designs.

Denim clothing store figma template pages


You can easily edit all the styles and colors to your liking. However, the changes will affect the whole design so be careful while you make the changes.

Denim clothing store figma template typography

Theme Colors

All the theme colors are customizable and will affect the whole website design.

Denim clothing store figma template theme colors

Mobile Designs

This template has mobile designs for the complicated pages as well.

Denim clothing store figma template mobile designs

Icons & Buttons

Browse through all the components and elements along with Icons and Buttons. Making the changes in these components will be reflected in the pages as well.

Denim clothing store figma template icons and buttons

Navbar, Newsletter & Footer

These footer variations are also design components and you can easily modify these components as well.

Ministore ecommerce template
Denim clothing store figma template navbar and footer

If you like this free Figma template and want us to continue creating these awesome freebies then do share it with your design communities. Thank you!

Features of this template

  • Auto Layout Pages
  • UI Components
  • Styles and Typography
  • 5 Home Pages
  • 27 Inner Pages
  • Easily Customizable
  • Mobile Designs included
  • Clean, Minimal, and Modern Design
  • Well organized layers
  • Easy editable
  • Pixel Perfect
  • Used 12-column bootstrap grid
  • Free Google fonts
  • Free stock images

Credits & References

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Icons:,, Icomoon, Line Awesome, IonIcons