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Free Figma Resources

Download these free Figma resources for your projects. These free Figma website designs are handcrafted for specific niches and can be used as a starter template.

We have Figma designs for eCommerce websites, creative portfolios, creative agencies, travel websites, and many other categories. Grab a free Figma design of your choice and start modifying it according to your needs.

Use these free Figma resources instead of building your projects from scratch. Hope you find these useful.


Frequently Asked Questions

Figma offers a combination of free and premium resources. The platform itself is free to use, and you can create and design projects without any cost. However, some design resources, such as templates, UI kits, icons, and plugins, may be available as either free or premium downloads, depending on the source.

To access resources in Figma, you can follow these steps: a. Open the Figma app or go to the Figma website and sign in to your account. b. Navigate to the "Community" section, where you can find a wide range of design resources shared by other designers. c. Browse through the available resources, and click on the ones you're interested in. d. If the resource is free, you can click on the "Duplicate" button to add the resource to your Figma drafts, and it will become a part of your account for you to use and customize. e. If the resource is premium, you may need to purchase it from the source provided by the designer.

You can download free Figma templates from various sources: a. Figma Community: Figma's official community platform allows designers to share their templates, UI kits, and other resources for free. Simply browse through the community and download the templates that suit your needs. b. Design Websites: Many design websites and blogs offer free Figma templates and UI kits for download. A quick search on Google or other design platforms can lead you to a plethora of free resources. c. Figma Plugin Libraries: Some Figma plugins provide access to free templates and design resources directly within the Figma app.

In Figma, you can find a wide range of resources, including:
  1. UI Kits: Pre-designed collections of UI elements and components for specific app categories or design styles.
  2. Icons: Sets of icons in various styles, ready to be used in your designs.
  3. Templates: Full-page templates for websites, mobile apps, dashboards, and more.
  4. Plugins: Additional tools and functionalities that extend Figma's capabilities and offer design assistance.
  5. Illustrations: Packs of illustrations and graphics to enhance your design projects.
  6. Fonts: Access to a vast library of fonts for use in your designs.
  7. Wireframe Kits: Basic visual representations of a design's structure and layout.

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